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UNITY Software Suite 

UNITY provides centralized automation, control and monitoring of all your energy end points. 

Although there are virtually limitless integration options available - with UNITY we have hand selected, pre-configured, tested, and kitted hardware from some of the best manufactures in the industry to allow for quick and easy plug and play assembly of complete building solutions out of the box.

These hardware kits are the result of years of field testing and have a proven track record of reliability.     





Our Hi-Efficiency HVAC control system monitors the unique performance capabilities of each rooftop unit and maximizes performance based on real-time conditions.




Available Lighting packages centralize control and offer multiple automation options for all your lighting needs.




Our refrigeration monitoring package with text & email alarms alert you when temperature drifts and doors are left open.



kW Mgmt.

The kW management package allows you to see real-time energy usage data and easily manage set backs.


Air Balance

The Economizer & building air-balance package maintains optimal air-pressure in your building greatly reducing heating & cooling waste.


Cloud Control

Our remote access dashboard provides complete control of your facility at anytime from anywhere.



Automated Intelligent Control

UNITY generates immediate savings by running equipment efficiently, leveraging free cooling, managing air balance and systematically reacting to high demand periods.


Monitoring & Alarms

UNITY provides continuous insight and visibility into equipment and environmental conditions. Robust data tracking, alerts and detailed reporting features allow you to understand individual unit performance and diagnose issues before they cause costly problems.


Evaluate Energy Use

Validate energy conservation initiatives and uncover additional savings opportunities.


Efficiency & Productivity

Total seamless control and remote access to all your temperature and lighting adjustments, schedules, equipment performance and reporting across multiple sites all from one integrated web dashboard.

Ease of Integration

Our plug and play architecture combined with our patented wireless network platform makes UNITY the quickest and easiest solution to integrate.

Our Expertise

Our team has directly managed over 1,200 building automation projects throughout the country and have a combined energy offset portfolio of over $30m.  So let us partner with you to meet your goals.